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Did your search for “vehicle remapping near me” bring you to this site? Then you are at the right place!

Kingz Automotive is among the most sought-after garages offering cost-effective vehicle remapping Leicester.

Why Opt For ECU Remapping Service Leicester From Us?

Modern vehicles feature an on-board computer or Engine Control Unit (ECU). It operates on the manufacturer's default software, which aids in adjusting boost pressure, the ignition system, acceleration, the air-fuel mixture ratio, and more.

For such adjustments, your professionals will reset and tune the default software with third-party software. Our experts will listen to your requirements and customise the software settings, as per your driving needs. They will override the old software and chip in the new one (within the legal limits) in your vehicle's OBD port.

Since it is an intricate process, it must only be carried out by well-versed technicians. At our workshop our experts have hands-on experience performing precise engine remapping Leicester. They also use only the latest technology to perform vehicle remapping Leicester for all major car makes and models.

Advantages Of ECU Remapping

By opting for vehicle remapping service Leicester from our trusted garage, you can rest assured of the following:

Exceptional Throttle Response

After our technicians chip the ECU with the new software, it will improve your car throttle (the control used for power regulation). This way, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable driving experience even at high speeds.

More Horsepower

Another benefit of vehicle remapping is that it maximises your vehicle’s horsepower along with acceleration and torque output.

Increased Fuel Mileage

Since remapping your car's engine improves its overall performance, it will need less fuel to perform. That way, with our car remapping Leicester you can save good money on fuel expenses.

Would you like to know more about our vehicle remapping service Leicester?

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